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Entry #2

Power of Three - Need a writer?

2009-05-18 14:52:32 by Wiilmer

Yep, another PoT (hehe) post! So, does anyone need a writer for your game? Y'know, somebody who can write the plot and such schiznit. You may think "it's Power of THREE, not FOUR!" but i sent an email to The Man, Tom Fulp, with some questions. Here's the email and reply;

My email:
Heya, Tom!
I was wondering if a "Power of Three"-team could include a writer? And if a teammate is for example BOTH an animator AND a musician, would that still count as ONE person? :P

The answer:
The individual members can fulfill any part of the development, as long as there are three team members. :)

So, that means that one of the team member can do several things and still be counted as one! :D
Send me a PM if you're interested!

I have A LOT of freetime right now so i can work really much. :)


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